Sophie and Rose

Facial Bar ~ Detoxing Charcoal & Clay


Great skin care begins with a quality product. We only used quality skin-benefitting ingredients when developing the Sophie & Rose facial soap bars. Many with troubled skin have turned to the natural detoxing & purifying benefits of activated charcoal, kaolin clay & dead sea clay. This facial bar also includes the power of other skin-loving ingredients such as hemp oil, tea tree & lemon essential oils. Listed below are the benefits these ingredients are known for. 

Hemp Oil: Known to be ideal for most skin types because it will moisturize without clogging your pores & naturally absorbs into your skin to hydrate & balance out oily skin. It is known for regulating the skin's oil production to prevent dryness causing your skin to overproduce oil. It is a great oil to help prevent acne.
Activated Charcoal: Recognized to effectively cleanse the skin by unclogging pores, deeply penetrating to remove impurities and dead skin cells, resulting in a supple, bright & even-toned complexion.
Dead Sea Clay: Well-known for absorbing excess oils, grime, and other impurities from the skin, cleansing & purifying. Known to gently exfoliate and soothe skin irritants while tightening & tones and reducing the appearance of fine lines & pores. 
Kaolin Clay: Celebrated for centuries for its ability to absorb excess oil from the skin and prevent breakouts and restoring damaged skin. Some claim regular use of kaolin clay balances the skin's oil production.
Tea Tree Essential Oil:   A renowned essential oil used to treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Thought to reduce swelling, inflammation & calm redness. It may even help to smooth & clear skin by preventing and reducing acne scars.
Lemon Essential Oil:  When applied topically, lemon essential oil is known to kill breakout-causing bacteria trapped in pores and is also known to exfoliate dead skin cells and clarify skin with antioxidants and vitamin C.

How-To Use:

  1. Wet your face with lukewarm water, never hot.
  2. Wet the bar and work into a lather in your hands.
  3. Apply lather to your face and massage into skin using circular motions.
  4. Gently buff skin with facial buffer or 100% cotton washcloth.
  5. Rinse off and gently pat dry.
  6. Tada! You’re done!

This face bar may be small, but it is mighty! These soap bars weigh 2.25 and will last up to 8-12 weeks when cared for properly. We recommend storing in a dry place on a soap saver or somewhere it can dry quickly. 

There are NO HARSH CHEMICALS in our products! 

Weight: 2.45 oz

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