Sophie and Rose

Sophie & Rose ~ Candle Wick Trimmers


To ensure the maximum life of your candle and to control the amount of “fuel” or wax present, it is important to keep your wick trimmed to an 1/8 of an inch. By controlling the amount of fuel limit, the flame create an ideal combustion where the carbon particles burned up by the flame thus limiting the amount of soot formed in your candle and allowing for a cleaner burn. As you know, the longer a candle burns the wick can be difficult to reach. To remedy that, Sophie & Rose offers a variety of classic stainless steal wick trimmers that are sure to match your style. Each Wick Trimmer measures 7 inches long with a comfortable handle 2 1/4 inches wide. These durable classic style trimmers come in three(3) different colors: Silver, Matter Black and Rose Gold.

These Sophie & Rose Wick Trimmers greatly pair well with any candle lover’s gift. The practical classic design adds a lovely farmhouse charm to anyone's modern style.

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