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Farmhouse Copper Tin Candles ~ Magnolia


In the South, it does not feel like late spring, early summer if the intoxicating smells of magnolia blossoms don’t fill the air. The Magnolia Farmhouse Candle's fragrant blend of exotic white flowers captures the sweet essence of the fresh blooms of the magnolia tree. A true native to the southeastern United States, few other blossoms can convey quite as much charm and mystique. If you've seen magnolia trees in nature, you know just how intensely fragrant they can be. With notes that are lemon-like and citrusy, their aroma is only paralleled by their extravagant beauty.

Magnolia blossoms are so undeniably magnificent, that not just one but two states choose it to be their official state flower: Louisiana and Mississippi. Much like its graceful appearance, a magnolia tree's scent is iconic through and through. Paired with the other floral notes in this candle, the magnolia creates a well-rounded note that's hard to mistake.


  • Create a relaxing ambiance on the patio
  • Design an inspiring centerpiece for an event
  • Keep one in the bathroom, kitchen or living room
  • Give it as a gift, or check out our selection of gift sets

Our modern farmhouse collection features mason jars topped with a vintage style galvanized metal lid and polished copper looking tins with a tin lid, each filled to the rim with natural soy candle wax yielding a burn time of approximately 80+ hours. We suggest the burn time to be 3-4 hours per burn for maximum longevity and quality. Trim candle wicks to ¼ inch each time before burning.

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