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Farmhouse Mason Candle ~ Watermelon Lemonade


Modern Farmhouse Watermelon & Lemonade Candle

You know what they say: It's always summer in Texas. And summer means time for refreshing drinks on the patio, togetherness with friends and family, and soaking up the sun. Now you can take the feeling of summer with you no matter where or when you are. Breathe in the refreshing blend of watermelon and freshly squeezed lemons and find your happy place today.
There are few scents that can conjure up all the pleasures of a hot summer day as well as ripe watermelon and sweet lemonade, and here you'll find them combined into one unforgettable combination of sweet and citrusy notes. When burning this candle, you’ll be able to enjoy two of your favorite summer fragrances for 80+ hours! This candle, belonging to our farmhouse collection, features a large mason jar topped with a vintage style galvanized metal lid. Every mason jar is filled to the rim with 12 ounces of natural soy candle wax that’s been infused with watermelon and lemonade scent, and handcrafted right here in Quitman, Texas.

SUGGESTED BURN TIME: 3-4 hours per burn for maximum longevity and quality. Trim candle wicks to ¼ inch each time before burning.

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