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Farmhouse Mason Candle ~ Sandalwood Vanilla


Sandalwood origins is from East Asia and the origins of vanilla is rooted in Mexico. You'll love the mix of warm sandalwood and creamy vanilla. Many are not fully aware of the influence the East Asian cultures had in shaping out our great state of Texas. 

The Vanilla & Sandalwood farmhouse candle combines the warm, rich notes of vanilla with the creamy wooden fragrance of sandalwood for a classic scent that's calming, comfortable and gently alluring. The combination of these scents has been used in a range of popular products and throughout time. In fact, both sandalwood and vanilla are some of the most well-loved and desirable scents throughout history.

Speaking of history, the origins of sandalwood is rooted in East Asian countries such as India and China.

With its origins in India and Australia, sandalwood has been used to make fragrances for centuries. Because the scent of sandalwood doesn't diminish over time - often lasting decades, it was a popular choice even thousands of years ago when preservation methods were limited. In ancient Ayurvedic traditions, it is believed to have beneficial mental and physical properties, and was used for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety among many other ailments. Once you delight in sandalwood's bright and woody aroma, you'll know why.

Let the combination of sandalwood and smooth, familiar vanilla transport your mind and spirit to a place that's hushed, cozy and peaceful. These candles make great gifts for anyone and any occasion, and are capable of creating a soothing ambiance at home, in your yoga studio, boutique or elsewhere.

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