Sophie & Rose

Farmhouse Mason Candle ~ Oakmoss & Amber


Oakmoss and Amber is a universal appealing modern fragrance. The scent starts with notes of orange, grapefruit, with an infusion of sage enhancing the natural earthy quality of oak moss and amber. Under notes of lavender and Tonka bean to add a soft floral and herbal touch to the heart of this fragrance, giving it a rich, deep character. The Oakmoss & Amber Farmhouse Candle appeals to both the masculine and feminine sensibilities, adding intrigue to any intimate space. This handcrafted candle creates an irresistibly luxurious gift that can be enjoyed throughout the year by anyone.

Our modern farmhouse collection features a large mason jar topped with a vintage style copper metal lid. Every 16oz size mason jar is filled to the rim with 12 ounces of natural soy candle wax & each 8oz size jars is filled with 7 ounces of soy wax.

SUGGESTED BURN TIME: 3-4 hours per burn for maximum longevity and quality. Trim candlewicks to ¼ inch each time before burning.

(This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including sage, lavender and orange.)

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