Sophie and Rose

Farmhouse Copper Tin Candles ~ Georgia Peach


Although, we have peach orchards throughout out our wonderful State of Texas, we like all other Southerns greatly appreciated a slice of freshly cut juicy, ripe Georgia peach. From its coastal beaches to its open farmlands, Georgia offers a diverse range of sights, but at its core, of course, is the Georgia peach - deeply rooted in the Georgian culture and an icon that possesses a unique and memorable taste that's only rivaled by its sweet scent. Anyone who's ever spent a summer in peach country in Texas or Georgia, or even just enjoyed delightful treats made from fresh harvest peaches, knows it’s a scent that's unlike any other. A combination of bright fruity notes and sugary smooth goodness, the fragrance of a peach layers well with other tasty ingredients such as vanilla top notes is what you will experience with the Sophie & Rose Georgia Peach farmhouse candle.

Did you know that peaches have a long history rooted far deeper than in desserts and body scents? Peaches can be found in cultural customs and folklore all the way back to the ancient far east, where the fruit made its mark as having a reputation for warding off evil and providing protection from one's misfortunes. So whether it's protection from the spirits you seek or you simply enjoy the titillating notes of a fresh peach dipped in creamy vanilla, this candle is an absolute treat for all occasions.

  • Create a relaxing ambiance on the patio
  • Design an inspiring centerpiece for an event
  • Keep one in the bathroom, kitchen or living room
  • Give it as a gift, or check out our selection of gift sets

Our modern farmhouse collection features mason jars topped with a vintage style galvanized metal lid and polished copper looking tins with a tin lid, each filled to the rim with natural soy candle wax yielding a burn time of approximately 80+ hours. We suggest the burn time to be 3-4 hours per burn for maximum longevity and quality. Trim candle wicks to ¼ inch each time before burning.

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