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Farmhouse Mason Candle ~ French Market Florals


Texas Made French Florals Soy Candle in a Jar

A floral market - roses, magnolia, gardenia & tuberose.
Texas may not be known for its French floral markets, but our candles are. When we created our French Market Florals candle, we set out to capture the true essence of blossoming botanical gardens. This candle combines notes of roses, magnolia, gardenia, and tuberose for an “oohlalicious” fragrance that’s guaranteed to captivate the senses.

We all know roses are a symbol of romance, and that's not just due to their hypnotic beauty. Roses smell divine; their fragrance can be described as romantic, lush, alluring, sweet, spicy and restorative. In fact, no two rose scents are likely to be identical, and even our own perception of the scent will vary from person to person.
But no matter how you experience this candle's rose notes, we know you'll love the way its evocative and sweet scent harmonizes with its other various floral notes in this candle.

A true native to the southeastern United States, few other blossoms can convey quite as much charm and mystique. If you've seen magnolia trees in nature, you know just how intensely fragrant they can be. With notes that are lemonlike and citrusy, their aroma is only paralleled by their extravagant beauty.
Magnolia blossoms are so undeniably magnificent, that not just one but two states choose it to be their official state flower: Louisiana and Mississippi. Much like its graceful appearance, a magnolia tree's scent is iconic through and through. Paired with the other floral notes in this candle, the magnolia creates a well-rounded note that's hard to mistake.

Sultry sweet and exotic, the gardenia is a tropical flower that's been adorning southern gardens for many generations. Gardenia's iconic scent is reminiscent of the warmth and humidity of an early Texas summer morning, but is a fragrance that is just as lovely throughout the entire year.
A gardenia candle brings the summer into your home during all seasons, and offers an alluring perfume that's simply divine indoors or out.

Let the intoxicating scent of tuberose transform your home into a lush floral garden. This sweet and exotic scent is similar to gardenia, but packs a more prominent punch that's as rich and beautiful as it is sultry and sexy. This creamy white floral scent is reminiscent of country, comfort and home; similar to jasmine and orange blossom, it is a scent that's been used in some of the most popular perfumes available including Chanel Gardénia, Dior J’Adore Dior and Estée Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia.

Our modern farmhouse candles feature a large mason jar topped with a vintage style galvanized metal lid. Every 16oz size mason jar is filled to the rim with 12 ounces of natural soy candle wax, yielding a burn time of approximately 80+ hours.

SUGGESTED BURN TIME: 3-4 hours per burn for maximum longevity and quality. Trim candle wicks to ¼ inch each time before burning.

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